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Palisades Research has always specialized in providing sophisticated modeling solutions to meet critical client needs related to:

  • Identifying the most profitable customers

  • Targeting the most profitable prospects

  • Increasing response rates from marketing campaigns

  • Understanding why customers leave for competitors

Palisades Research develops marketing models by utilizing information from previous promotional campaigns as well as publicly available demographic, psychographic, credit bureau, and zip-plus-4/census-level data.


Palisades Research rigorously applies the latest statistical modeling tools to achieve our clients' business objectives. These tools include:

  • Neural Networks

  • Logistic/Linear Regression

  • Decision Tree Modeling

  • Cluster Analysis

  • Factor and Discriminant Analysis

Many modeling firms develop solutions while hiding behind a cloak of secrecy. We don't. We understand that our clients must be involved throughout the process in order to assure that their goals are achieved. The client sets the business objectives, and we then employ the most appropriate technology to produce optimal solutions to our client's specific business problem.

At Palisades Research, we believe that success requires much more than building a model. Each project is a unique, customized undertaking.