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Palisades Research provides a full range of services to support database marketing, including customer base and prospect scoring, list generation (merge purge), promotion tracking, and results analysis.

We perform response modeling, customer profiling, and market segmentation. In addition, Palisades Research develops and maintains longitude stratified random panels to provide marketing support.

We support our clients' operational and management information needs by quickly and economically developing database marketing solutions providing customized database reporting and analysis. Palisades Research developers and analysts have years of experience constructing database marketing solutions using SAS, Microsoft Office VBA, and tools integrating SAS and Microsoft Office. We have extensive experience with very large files in the IBM mainframe, UNIX, and Windows environments.

Database marketing
Database marketing provides a critical set of tools to help an enterprise use its finite marketing resources effectively to target the correct audience. Your business may have already made a sizable investment in technology to process and store large amounts of customer data. Using these large databases to achieve effectively-targeted differentiated marketing requires the sophisticated techniques of database marketing strategies. We develop the decision support systems required for effective database marketing, using information from both internal and external sources, and employing statistics, technology, and, in some cases, data mining.

List Generation (merge/purge): Another database marketing service is designing merge/purge systems to handle very large list generation. This requires data cleaning, and combining data from several lists that may come from disparate sources into a single list. We use fuzzy matching algorithms to identify items that may not be identical but are deemed to be matching. We also develop systems to generate and maintain nation-wide lists, using simultaneous processing on multiple servers.

Response modeling: Response modeling is the extrapolation of the probability of responses to a marketing campaign from responses and non-responses to a promotion targeting a sample of the actual potential customer base.

Market segmentation: We help clients identify the customer group or groups most likely to purchase a product or service – a process called market segmentation. Group characteristics can include demographics such as age, sex, occupation, education or geographic location, or other factors concerning a person’s interests and product use patterns.