Palisades Research: Consulting firm specializing in SAS data warehouse solutions, OLAP and internet-enabled information delivery for decision support, statistical analysis for marketing and financial applications, and data  mining
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  • Design, development and implementation of a longitude random panel of 5% of a major telecom company's customers. This panel provides an information base for marketing strategic planning. Our marketing consultants developed numerous customer profiles and performed the statistical and data analysis required for market segmentation.

  • Development and maintenance a data warehouse for the college marketing organization in AT&T.  We used SAS OLAP technology to provide Internet-enabled information delivery from the data warehouse to the desktops of marketing managers.  The system was used for database marketing and decision support by our data warehouse programming staff. 

  • Customer-level profitability tracking for a major telecom company. The system maintains a history of revenue, expenses and profitability for local and long-distance customers. It is used for customer segmentation, customer relationship management (CRM), and profitability management.