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Palisades Research provides database and decision support solutions including data warehouse and data mart design and implementation, Internet-enabled information delivery for decision support, and on-line analytical processing (OLAP). In addition to data warehouse and data mart development and OLAP, we provide statistical analysis, data mining, web development for data processing, and list merge/purge development. Try our hands-on Web-enabled auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and telecom OLAP samples built with SAS technologies, and our auto insurance OLAP samples built with Microsoft Analysis Services.

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What We Do: Decision Support Solutions and Anlaytics
Solutions: Web-Enabled Data Marts & Warehouses, OLAP, and more...
Technologies: SAS & Microsoft Tools
and Programming Techniques
Understanding your business is critical to project success. We are SAS and Microsoft developers but we are also analysts. Our staff experience and expertise includes statistics, economics, finance, business, and even science.

Palisades Research is a database and analytical consulting firm that has been developing informational capabilities for its customers since 1991.

Our efficiency comes from years of experience in organizing and web-enabling very large databases. We have extensive experience in performing statistical analysis and providing marketing support. By combining our SAS and other development skills with our experience in statistics, economics, finance and business consulting, we help clients expand their information and analytical capabilities.

Using SAS Enterprise Miner and our own extensive knowledge of data mining techniques, our clients can easily retrieve and manipulate information from their data warehouse or data mart.

As data warehouse consultants, our data warehouse, data mart, data mining and Internet-enabled on-line analytical processing solutions allow our clients to bridge critical information delivery gaps and increase the efficiency of their enterprise.

SAS: We have provided SAS data warehousing, data mart and Internet-enabled on-line analytical processing (OLAP) solutions for the insurance and telecommunications industries. We also create sophisticated data exploration and modeling solutions linked to SAS data warehouses in the retail, publishing and direct mailing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Microsoft: We also construct OLAP solutions using SQL Server Analysis Services and Office Web Components.

Together: We specialize in combining SAS and Microsoft technologies.

As a SAS Alliance partner, we provide SAS database consulting and experienced SAS programming. Most of our staff is SAS certified.

Business needs are the main driver of data warehouse and data mart structure and OLAP dimensions and hierarchies. But processing time and storage requirements are important. For large data warehouses and data marts, data model design must support efficient use of resources (CPU cycles and storage space) for creating and updating the data warehouse or data mart and for processing reports.


Database/OLAP: Our OLAP solutions provide multi-dimensional views of critical company data. Intuitive, powerful OLAP viewers enable decision makers at all levels of expertise to analyze business scenarios from various perspectives.

OLAP delivery methods include the SAS MDDB Viewer, SAS Xplore, Microsoft Office Web Components (using Data Access Components), and Microsoft Excel pivot tables.

For database and OLAP solutions, we work in UNIX, MVS and Windows, creating both single-platform and multi-platform solutions, using ODBC, OLE DB, SAS Connect and SAS Share.

Office/VBA: We have also created unique applications based on Microsoft Office® and VBA.

Data Mining: SAS Enterprise Miner provides a remarkable graphical interface and advanced data mining capabilities.

Warehouse Administration: We find SAS Data Warehouse Administrator helpful in automating monthly production through process scheduling, keeping track of changes in architecture and variable definition, and creating an HTML version of the data dictionary that can be accessed during OLAP sessions.

From our offices in New Jersey, or at your site, we work closely with you - our client - through every step of the project. We know that understanding your business is critical to project success.

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